photo of editor rob rodrigues pereira


Rob Rodrigues Pereira
MD ´╗┐Paediatrician (Behavioural Paediatrics), Medical Center
Kinderplein, Rotterdam,
the Netherlands

ADHD in practice is the definitive quarterly review journal for all professionals involved in the management of ADHD; in children, adolescents and in adults.

The only review journal to focus exclusively on ADHD and related issues, ADHD in practice publishes a broad range of articles on all aspects of ADHD; from diagnosis, management and practice insights, to co-morbidity, education and justice.

ADHD in practice is aimed at all members of the multidisciplinary team, including nurses, paediatricians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, psychologists, educators and ADHD coaches, as well as commissioners and GPs with an interest in ADHD.

Published exclusively online, the current issue is available free of charge here