Comment: ADHD in theory and practice
In this issue, Anna Backman, one of 1,600 delegates at the recent 5th World Congress on ADHD, summarises some of the talks, on research and daily practice, given by world famous scientists at the meeting, including three of our board members, Andrea Bilbow, Søren Dalsgaard and Susan Young. Although there are many problems to be solved to ensure the best individualised care, there is a steady progression towards elucidating genetic and environmental influences that are important for the successful treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and for identifying those at increased risk of treatment failure, morbidity and mortality. I hope that this theory can be translated into practice in the years to come. After reading the report, I am sure you will be inspired to attend the next congress in Vancouver in 2017, to ensure you remain at the frontline of knowledge!
ADHD in practice 2015; 7(2): 23–23
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